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646f9e108c Whilst proofreading his latest news story, reporter Clark Bent (played by Don Glut) who in reality is Superduperman; accidentally sets the paper on fire due to his x-ray eyes. He blows the fire out, but due to his super breath, hurls the newspaper editor Perry Wide (played by Dick Andersen) across the room. Through his telescopic eyes, Bents sees someone reading the rival's super hero comic book - "The Jaguar". This is a job for Superduperman. Bent rushes to the nearest phone booth to make a quick change into his Superduperman clothes, but is detailed bu someone in the booth making a phone call. Finally changed, Superduperman catches the comic book reader, Melvin Batson (played by Charles Martinka), who quickly screams "Shazoom!", and is transformed into the super hero Captain Marbles. Desperate to win the battle, Superduperman shoves a pie in Captain Marbles' face.
The adventures of reporter Clark Bent (played by Don Glut) who in reality is Superduperman.
SUPERDUPERMAN is a less an amateur rip-off of the comic book hero Superman, and more a filmed version of a MAD magazine spoof. Donald F. Glut's supersonic hero fights crime and flies through the air with the aid of some very dodgy special effects, which are all part of the fun. Eventually he comes up against a sinister rival. This dated production feels quite juvenile and not quite in the same spiritGlut's traditional Universal-inspired monster flicks.

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